Saturday, October 16, 2010


Friday saw an early start as we had plans to get K3 to the 'haul out dock' by 0930hrs. Like all good things in greece plans get a little delayed and despite the fact we where on time... the crane operators and haul out crew where a little delayed.  So we adapted the classic  hurray up and wait mode... patience is something you learn quickly in greece... it was a pleasant morning the first real sunshine we have had all week after  all the clouds and rain that we have had this week. Stammas (the Crane operator) and the boys finally showed up and we where under way.. Crane fired up and lifting straps placed under the hull.. final check to make sure nothing was forgotten.. speed log pulled, all though hulls open.. ok lift away.... Out of the water she came, pretty clean on the hull too, a little green slime on the starboard boot striping, some fur slime starting to grow on the rudder, otherwise clean as a whistle... quick guys power clean her off and lets roll again for another season.... I think not !! In Alimos marina they pick yachts up with a 50 ton crane, transport them to a cradle on wheels and then drive them a short diatance to the yard where they pick the yacht up again and place it in the cradle for the winter... not the most efficient way of doing things but given that there is not a travel lift area and the confined space they have to work with... it all seems to work well. So whats next... K3 in her cradle for winter service and maintenance... we have to prepare the masts for withdrawl and inspection at the end of the month. Along with getting 'Calypso' out of the water as well, all that is scheduled for the end of the month. Meantime the skipper and crew will be taking a week or so off, well working at half speed any way... Here is a short video of the whole event...  enjoy.. more later..

Monday, October 11, 2010


Many of our students have asked us to help them find a charter yacht for them to use, once they passed thier Skippers exam. With so many 'Bare Boat' charter companies available it is difficult to recommend any one company.  It is also difficult to choose any one model of yacht.
The average sized yacht is around 40 ft and offers 2-3 sleeping cabins, from there your choices are pretty much endless.
We have choosen Jeanneau Yachts as our teaching yachts becasue of thier excellent construction and modern yacht design. They have a high attention to detail on interior construction and excellent deck layouts that make sailing easy and safe.
We can offer our students a 40ft Jeanneau Sun Fizz. The yacht has a 3 cabin layout, with 2 heads. The deck layout is traditional, with wheel steering, and a fully battened mainsail.

"Eleni" was built in 1992 and was the last of her series, she has been in private use for all her life and so is well maintained. The yacht has a 55hp Perkins engine, that offers good auxillary power, especailly when the wind dies off here in the Greek islands.

The school offers 'Elenei' on a daily/weekly charter option... 300 EURO a day...The rate does not include fuel, taxes, yacht expenses.

For bookings and further details please contact the school direct at or call 00-30-693-716-3246

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