Mile building sailing trips...
What are they and how can they help a novice sailor ? Lets face it, sailing is a time consuming pass time. Unless you are employed in the marine industry, or have endless time on your hands, getting out on the water can be a challenge.

Organizing your work schedule to enable you to spend a weekend sailing and then to discover that the weather prevents you from untying the dock lines can be extremely frustrating. So what’s the answer ? Retire and become a professional boat bum? ….. Take the family on a sailing vacation every year ?..... Join a yacht club and be there every weekend looking for a ride ?..... All perfectly good options, I have done them all. However, today with the amount of sailing schools every where there are better alternatives. If you are serious about your sailing and want to advance quickly though the various sailing school programs, then you can ‘Fast track’…..this will definitely get you your sailing miles under your belt. However sailing is not just about Miles sailed, its about experience and respect for the sea. Something I’m afraid a ‘Fast track’ course can not offer.
Ultimately, the answer is practice, practice and more practice with a healthy dose of patience. Which brings us back to the question ‘Is there a short cut to all this ?’ On a normal yacht charter you cover a relatively short distance, spending a lot of time relaxing and swimming. With our Mile building cruises you will undertake qualifying passages for your ASA / RYA certificates. Distances of over 60nm non stop as well as night sails will be the order of the day. You will learn about sailing in a watch system, cooking at sea, and the fun of sailing in open waters. The trips have no official syllabus so you will be part of an active crew, working and living together.
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So who is this for? Actually just about any one. Obviously if you have an ASA / RYA certificate and want to gain more experience and sea miles then these cruises are ideal. But on the other hand if you are an able bodied individual with a sense of Adventure and want to experience something a little different then this may also be for you too !!

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So where do you go and how much ?? Your trip will take you south down past the famous Cape Sounion and the temple of Poseidon and on to the island of Kea. From here you will continue south to the island of Paros, before heading west to the island of Serifos. From here you will start back to Athens, sailing across the gulf to Spetsai island before heading north towards Athens How much ? 10 day cruise on board per person in a shared cabin €1800 and includes the following
• The Yacht with all her Sailing and Safety equipment, also inclusive: Zodiac + Out board, snorkel & fishing gear ,etc
• Full time Captain /Instructor
• All linens and bathroom towels (beach towels not included)
• Full Breakfast, Full Lunch, Snacks, Sodas, Bottled Water
• All Fuel costs during your cruise, All fresh Water, Ice
• Harbour fees, Marina Fees, Local Taxes, Insurance
• Cleaning Fee at the end of the charter

These types of trips are not exclusively for the novice sailor. Experienced sailors and the arm chair type can all benefit from this type of cruise.
Shake the cob webs out of your sailing gloves and getting to grips with a ‘Real sailing trip’…. Come and experience a MILE BUILDING CRUISE..

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