Saturday, March 5, 2011


Finally after over 3 months of work and weather hold ups we have both mast back in the yacht. Newly spray painted with Awlgrip, all fittings checked and upgraded. A few new items added to the main mast. like a new reefing winch, a mast track hoisting system for easier hoisting of the main sail. A new Nexus wind anmeter plus new VHF power antenna, as an examle of before and after check out these 2 pictures...

mast head before work... and now this one

The mizzen went thou a similar treatment, only less obvious as we installed a whole new electrical conduit system internally in the mast, with all that electrical equipment hanging on the mast the inside of the mizzen was getting very crowded with wires. So we installed a 2 inch PVC pipe the length of the mast to carry the wires internally. Of course the mast was also sprayed..

4 more weeks and Koralia will be back in the water, 10 days to work her up and then off to work she goes with her first trip beginning of April followed by an extended cruise to Turkey before heading back to Athens beginning of May..

check out the video of the mast going back in K3... We will see every one this summer...

How to use winch