Thursday, March 6, 2014


These videos demonstrate very well various sailing techniques that you will learn with our sailing school when you join on of our "BARE-BOAT SKIPPERS' 10 day course.

Sailing on and Off your Mooring

Sail Shape Part 1

There’s a big difference between setting your sails and trimming your sails, using your boat’s controls to tweak the canvas and provide you with the best ride possible. In this video, we explore the concept of draft, or the amount of curvature in the sail, and how controls like the outhaul, backstay, forestay and jib car position effect both its location and depth.

Sail Shape Part 2

The second of two videos focusing on trim, this video employs more great on-water video to give a better idea of how sail controls like the outhaul, halyards and jib lead effect the various curves comprising overall sail shape in the interest of maximizing performance.

Retrieve a Man Overboard

Knowing how to single handedly navigate your way through a man-overboard scenario is absolutely necessary if you want to be a sound and safe sailor, confident in your abilities to sail even with just one other person. Here are two methods you can use to get back to your victim and get them back aboard

Master Slab-Reefing

When the breeze kicks up, that’s no reason to go back to harbor. Instead, learn how to reef safely, even if you’re sailing alone, and you’ll be able to minimize your sail and stay on the water when it’s blowing. In this tutorial, we review the basics of how and when to slab-reef your mainsail.

How to use winch