Saturday, January 28, 2012


After what seems like forever, our home country is finally out of the international headlines. What started as an interesting exposure to the international community quickly develped into massive negative press and the possibilty of Greece becoming a major contributor to a whole another world economic crisis.... Weeks, months later we are still here, some how.... the people of greece have been bloodied, bruised and most of all finacially raped by thier government and the powers of the EU...but some how like war veteranans we are still here standing, dazed and wondering whats coming next....hopefully nothing much more becasue as a people we have nothing left to contribute... I do not have to give endless examples a quick drive around the local nieghbourhood tells it all, for rent signs everywhere, businesses shuttered up and an ever increasing population of illegal refugees from the rest of the world standing on street corners with nothing to do... A pretty damn grim picture of ATHENS and its suburbs I just painted, I live here and its all true, Athens SUCKS, however the Greek islands and summer are coming a time to escape this 'Dune' of a city and go back to the real greece where every day is another in a row of glourious sunshine and sea. The islands will suffer badly this winter, no tourism and little to do for work. So when summer comes the islands need to be ready to welcome all those thousands of returning foreign toruists..... well here is where things will get sticky.... may be you will decide that a holiday in the greek islands sounds like fun and will definately be cheaper than a lot of other places ... then perhpas you will be of the mind that coming here will be a problem... riots, strikes, unhappy people, expensive... I honestly wish that I could gurantee that none of that will happen.... ITS GREECE... any thing can happen, we are proving that now.... What we need to do is have out tourist freinds return to the islands again to see for them sleves how they can help by taking a holiday and letting us show you how much better we can make it then it was in the past.

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